University of Virginia (UVA) Health Reduces Low-Dose Lung Screening Patient Dose by 50% with No Degradation in Image Quality


Low-dose CT for lung screening is currently the only recommended procedure for lung screening by the CDC. It has been proven to reduce lung cancer-related deaths and patient eligibility has recently been expanded.

Even when following medical guidelines for low-dose CT lung screening, the cumulative effects of repeated x-ray exposure may cause irreversible damage. Therefore, low-dose lung screening programs must use a low enough dose so that patients who receive repeat CT screening exams are not exposed to an increased risk of ill effects from the screening exam itself.

Read this customer case study to learn:

  •  • How UVA Health was able to reduce their low dose lung screening patient dose by 50%
  •  • Why lowering patient dose exposure can benefit your lung screening program
  •  • The benefits of reducing CT image noise in low dose lung screening